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15. Paderborner Tag der IT-Sicherheit am 30.11.2021 Show image information
Forschungs- und Innovationscampus Zukunftsmeile 2; Foto: Matern Architekten Show image information

15. Paderborner Tag der IT-Sicherheit am 30.11.2021

Forschungs- und Innovationscampus Zukunftsmeile 2; Foto: Matern Architekten


Vortrag von Prof. Dr. Philippe Palanque aus Toulouse

Am Donnerstag, den 19. Dezember, um 9:15 Uhr hält Prof. Dr. Philippe Palanque von der Universität Paul Sabatier in Toulouse einen Vortrag zum Thema “Automation as a Design Option for Interactive Systems and it‘s Implications on Usability, UX, Dependability and Safety” in der Fürstenallee 11, Raum FU.511.

Als einer der international renommiertesten Wissenschaftler im Bereich Human-Computer Interaction und Software Systems Engineering für sicherheitskritische interaktive Systeme, z.B. im Bereich zivile Luftfahrt und Flugsicherung, kooperiert er unter anderem eng mit Airbus.

In seinem Abstract erläutert er seinen Vortragsgegenstand:

Innovation and creativity are the research drivers of the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) community which is currently investing a vast amount of resources in the design and evaluation of “new” user interfaces and interaction techniques, leaving the correct functioning of these interfaces at the discretion of the helpless developers. In the area of formal methods and dependable systems the emphasis is usually put on the correct functioning of the system leaving its usability to secondary-level concerns (if at all addressed). However, designing interactive systems requires blending knowledge from these domains in order to provide operators with both usable and reliable systems. The talk will present possible research directions and their benefits for combining several complementary approaches to engineer interactive critical systems. Due to their specificities, addressing this problem requires the definition of methods, notations, processes and tools to go from early informal requirements to deployed and maintained operational interactive systems. The presentation will highlight the benefits of (and the need for) an integrated framework for the iterative design of operators' procedures and tasks, training material and the interactive system itself. The emphasis will be on interaction techniques specification and validation as their design is usually the main concern of HCI conferences. A specific focus will be on automation that is widely integrated in interactive systems both at interaction techniques level and at application level but is usually presented as an objective to reach (for instance targeting at higher automation) and not as a design option. Examples will be taken from interactive cockpits on large civil commercial aircrafts (such as the A380), satellite ground segment application and Air Traffic Control workstations.

Alle Interessierten sind auch im Namen des SFB 901 "On the Fly-Computing" und des SICP - Software Innovation Campus Paderborn herzlich eingeladen.