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After publishing our "update" monthly as an internal newsletter for a long time, "update" is now published as a magazine. This means: more information, more quality, more stories, more background information - but also a lower frequency. We aim to inform you about all the important news from the SICP three times a year. To stay up to date, we recommend that you take a look at our website, where you will find informative and interesting articles from a variety of sections in the SICP "update": Reports from the SICP, the SI-Lab and our member companies, interviews and short reports, event information, personal details and promotions. You will find news about projects, specialist topics and our members, innovations, awards, publications, guest lectures, events and other activities, partnerships and social commitment.

The "update" magazine is aimed at everyone who wants to know what is happening at the SICP - members and those who would like to become members, current and potential partners, i.e.: member companies and their employees, professors, employees and students of the SI-Lab and all interested parties in society, politics, companies, universities and research institutions.

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News (02/2023)

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