Our areas of expertise

The SICP - Software Innovation Campus Paderborn is an interdisciplinary research and innovation campus. The digital solutions of the future are developed here in close cooperation between business and science.

Almost 40 member companies and over 30 professors from Paderborn University contribute their expertise and visions. The SICP unites the different worlds and ensures "perfect matches" when putting together project teams. We combine our expertise in the fields of AI, high-performance computing, IoT, digital security and software engineering to break completely new ground and develop intelligent solutions for innovative fields such as smart energy, advanced computing and seamless mobility.

In addition to the technological focus, we always address cross-cutting issues such as technology acceptance and human-machine interaction.

Because we are convinced that it is the intelligent combination of established technologies that creates innovation!

Ar­ti­fi­cial In­tel­li­gence

We research interdisciplinary issues relating to the design of AI-based solutions. We pursue a socio-technical approach and combine the latest technologies such as machine learning and natural language processing with social and societal competences.


Di­git­al In­fra­struc­ture

Digital infrastructures are the basis of the digital transformation in business, education, healthcare, transport and administration. They enable innovation, increase efficiency and promote networking in a digital society. This area of expertise bundles research and expertise in technology and its challenges.

Di­git­al Se­cur­ity

In the "Digital Security" field, we pool scientific expertise in research fields that deal with securing digital systems and data against threats and attacks. We research the fundamentals, applications and areas of influence of digital security for a secure digital world.

Hu­man-centred di­git­al­ity

In the field of human-centred digitality, we bundle expertise in the development of human-centred digital solutions. Technologies must not only be functional and efficient, but also take human values and needs into account. Our focus areas include the promotion of digital skills, inclusion and usability.

Soft­ware and Ser­vice Sys­tem En­gin­eer­ing

Modern software systems require the maximisation of reliability, efficiency and usability. This research area provides expertise on the development, deployment and management of such systems, as well as the necessary principles, methods and tools for their effective design.